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I’ve never quite found the ideal way of displaying my photographs online. I’ve used a variety of self-hosted thingies, starting with galleries generated by software such as ThumbsPlus[1], moved on to using Gallery[2], hosted things on Flickr[3], linked things to this site by various means, and used the native WordPress gallery function[4]. More recently, I’ve been putting a small selection of images on 500px[5]. Somewhere in the middle of that, I had a go at using ’s web gallery functions, but that ended up being too much effort to keep up – I’d forgotten how faffy playing with real directories and files can be on a website after using WordPress for so long.

So when I saw the excellent and generally helpful Scott Kelby post about moving his portfolio to SmugMug – I Switched My Portfolio Over to SmugMug, I thought I’d better investigate.

I’d heard of SmugMug, but I’d never got around to actually looking at the site. In essence, it’s a photographer’s portfolio site, with the options of selling your images, displaying them in a variety of ways and generally customising the appearance of your personal pages. Layouts that expand to fit the size of the viewer’s screen are standard, which is cool.

Unlike and , there’s no free service available – prices start at $5 per month (or $40 per year) for a basic package, with a “power” package at $8/$60 and a “pro” at $20/$150. Looking at what’s on offer, I’d certainly want the “power” version, and quite possibly the pro, so it’s not a cheap option. Well, not as cheap as some other options, anyway.

I’ve taken the free 14 day trial (I’d prefer longer to give it a proper play, but that’s what’s on offer…) and assuming I get anywhere with it[6], I’ll report back on what I think.

If you’re interested, you can see my SmugMug page here.

Full details of the service from SmugMug

Update: I’ve actually signed up for the service, and I’m starting to show some pictures there.

[1] Quite a while ago, as that’s yer actual Windows software, which I don’t use at home any more…
[2] It’s good in its way, but I gave up on it when the link between WordPress and Gallery became problematic
[3] Quite useful, but there’s this nagging feeling that Yahoo might break it one day, and it’s not really good for a portfolio
[4] Nice and simple, but given the rambling nature of this site, it’s not so good for people who just want to see the pictures
[5] Great, but as the general standard there is so high, I’m reluctant to use it as a general portfolio site. I do like to put photographs I’m particularly happy with, but not more general work
[6] Regular readers will be familiar with my tuit issues

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