May 2014 Round-up

Another month has slipped away into obscurity, which can only mean it’s time for the post that saves you reading the rest of my nonsense.


More random fluctuation this month…

May 1: 219.2 pounds (15 stone 9.2 pounds, 99.4 kg)
May 31: 217.3 pounds (15 stone 7.3 pounds, 98.6 kg)

That’s a fall of 1.9 pounds (0.9kg). I have been lighter at various points in the month, but the general trend is int he right direction…


Well, with two trips away (a short one to Leeds and a long one to Bristol and Wales), there may have been some additional eating involved. On the other hand, with the occasional lapse, I have been reducing the wine consumption, which should help…


Being away in Leeds and Bristol did cause some additional walking, but other than that I haven’t done a lot…


This month’s total is 35, which is low enough to make this site look very quiet. It may stay that way for a while…


Not a lot else to say for May.

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