Ow!! Fingers!!

What with all the recent travelling around, my guitar has been largely neglected for the last couple of weeks. I did manage a bit of random chord practice on Thursday, but other than that, I hadn’t touched it since just before going to Leeds a couple of weekends ago.

But tonight, I managed to get back to my practice routine, which was, err, interesting. I struggled a bit with chord changes that I’d been doing quite well with, and my fingertips had definitely got a bit soft, so holding down some chords hurt a bit. Mutter.

On a happier note, while I was not playing, Blackstar updated their slightly broken software to v1.5, which entirely fixed the problem I had with it not noticing the amp when it was connected, and also removed the annoying Silverlight crash on exit. There’s also a firmware update for the ID:Code amps, which you’ll get if you install the new software. I’ve updated my first post about the ID:Core 10 accordingly.

Details and download links from Blackstar

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