Weight and Stuff Report – 27 July 2014

Weight: 215.2 pounds (15 stone 5.2 pounds, 97.6 kg)
Steps taken: 2,134

Hmm, slightly up today, but not by enough to be alarming.

My main tasks for today were getting the washing done and catching up on the ironing. I had to do it today because of some travelling in my immediate future. But I did have time to go out and do some minor shopping. Well, that was the plan. I left home and started to walk up the road. After a short time I felt a few drops of rain. After a few more seconds, I felt a lot more drops of rain, which soon turned into quite seriously heavy rain, at which time I turned around and went home again. It was heavy enough that I had to put my trousers in the dryer. It rained heavily for, err, not very long, but by the time it stopped I’d decided that I didn’t really need that shopping that much and stayed at home.

Today’s photo is another one from yesterday’s air show. This is the RAF’s Torcano trainer, which despite having a propeller at the front, is what they use to train fast jet pilots.



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/13
Shutter speed 1/500s
Focal length 200mm
ISO 200
Taken 14:25, 26 July, 2014
Location 54° 55.9098′ 0″ N 1° 21.997′ 0″ W

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