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Weight and Stuff Report – 5 December 2016

Weight: 214.2 pounds (15 stone 4.2 pounds, 97.2 kg)
Steps taken: 3,316

Down a wee bit today. And what a cold day it was. I don’t normally mention that, but as the heating wasn’t working in the office, it was more significant a fact than normal.

Here’s another bit of Civic Centre sculpture:

River God

River God

Camera X70
Aperture ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed 1/80s
Focal length 18.5mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:23, 3 December, 2016

Wilkie Martin – Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers

This is the third in the Wilkie Martin’s unhuman series, and it’s at least as much fun as the first two.

The story this time involves Cunning Plots involving a gold mine, gold stolen from a vampire-run bank, Hobbes’ long lost (and unexpected) American daughter turning up, Andy getting into even more trouble than normal and more of the usual bad jokes.

But there’s more: Andy is actually developing as a character, becoming more responsible (though just as clumsy as ever) and generally a better person.

Along the way, we learn a little more about Hobbes, and find that he’s not as unique as we might have thought. And Andy starts a whole new phase of his life…

The books are presumably doing reasonably well – there’s a new one coming out later this month, and I’ll be getting that too.

Weight and Stuff Report – 3 December 2016

Weight: 214.2 pounds (15 stone 4.2 pounds, 97.2 kg)
Steps taken: 6,602

Down again today, how thrilling (or not)

I had a brief trip into Newcastle today – had a quick look around the Hancock Museum (sorry, it’s proper name takes too long to type) and the surrounding area before deciding there were too many people in town, which made me go home again.

I had the X70 with me, and got a few photos, including this one



Camera X70
Aperture ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed 1/60s
Focal length 18.5mm
ISO 500
Taken 13:24, 3 December, 2016

Good Times, bad times: end of a sarnie era

For the last few years, I’ve been getting my lunch nearly every day from the same place: Good Times, a sandwich shop just across the road from the office. It wasn’t just their convenient location, it wasn’t just the food (though the bhaji burger[1] would have made regular visits a good idea), it was more the people – lovely friendly staff, who took the trouble to remember what their regulars liked[2], and who my colleagues and I got to know.

So it’s a shame that today was their last day – other things are happening with the property they were in, and so the Good Times had to come to an end. Well, not a final end: they’re aiming to be back in new premises in the new year, and while they won’t be as close to the office, they’ll still be worth tracking down for a good sarnie. And as I’ll have to walk somewhere for my lunch in future, it might as well be there!

[1] Warm onion bhaji, inna bun, with mango chutney, that minty yoghurty stuff, salady bits, cheese. Grilled like a panini. Lovely.
[2] After a while, as soon as I walked on on a Friday morning, my sausage sarnie with brown sauce was being made, and my black coffee poured (a good deal at £2.50).

Weight and Stuff Report – 1 December 2016

Weight: 214.4 pounds (15 stone 4.4 pounds, 97.3 kg)
Steps taken: 4,070

Down by a teeny amount today.

Getting home was entertaining – an “incident” on the Tyne Bridge resulted in hugely delayed buses, traffic jams, plagues of frogs, locusts and investment bankers. Though I may have made some of that up.

Here’s another  view of some familiar bridges



Camera X70
Aperture ƒ/11
Shutter speed 1/110s
Focal length 18.5mm
ISO 200
Taken 12:28, 17 September, 2016

November 2016 Round-up

This is crazy! Another month gone? That means it must be December tomorrow, and I’m quite sure I didn’t order a December, I’d have remembered, or at the very least got the email acknowledgement. But silly as it may seem, it has to be time for the monthly thingy, so here it is.


I seem to have started to reverse the upward trend again

November 1: 217.4 pounds (15 stone 7.4 pounds, 98.6 kg)
November 30: 214.5 pounds (15 stone 4.5 pounds, 97.3 kg)

That’s a moderately respectable fall of 2.9 pounds (1.3kg).


Yes, still doing that. Though some of my eating habits will be changing next week, because of a thing happening that I’ll talk about when it happens.


Managed some decent walks this month, including a quite impressive one in Berwick. More to come…


A moderate month, with just 38 posts.


Well, there was a work-related thing a few weeks ago, that might (or might not) lead to some developments that might (or might not) lead to some changes. But more on that when things happen (or don’t), which is expected to be (or not to be) in January. I’d say I was sorry to have to be vague at this stage, but as it’s the kind of thing I do anyway, I won’t.

Weight and Stuff Report – 29 November 2016

Weight: 215.1 pounds (15 stone 5.1 pounds, 97.6 kg)
Steps taken: 3,772

Down another tiny bit today. How thrilling! (Or not)

I had my eyes tested today, which resulted in me not needing new (expensive) varifocals, so that wasn’t bad. The voucher for a free eye test was quite nice, too.

Here’s a slightly odd one for you:



Camera X70
Aperture ƒ/10
Shutter speed 1/200s
Focal length 18.5mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:09, 17 September, 2016