Monthly Archives: February 2004

That’s better…

Just got round to setting up templates in Thumbs Plus, so the Galleries pages now match the rest of the site. Thumbs Plus is very handy for that kind of thing. It’s nothing that can’t be done either manually, or with some fiddling with Dreamweaver and Fireworks, but it is a lot quicker. And with the current exchange rate, it was very good value. :grin:

The next thing will be fixing up the stylesheet in Movable Type to make the weblog match my designs. But that can wait for now….

I’d forgotten about this…

This email was concocted by my assistant (whose name I have concealed for now). I suppose it might have been partly responsible for me starting to lose weight. Just found it again while sorting out some folders….

From: name removed to protect the guilty

Sent: 09 October 2003 15:22

To: Les Bessant

Subject: Diet Plan – Follow instructions in full (do not open if you’re going to grass on me)


1 – You look like this.

See below unaltered photo

Cure instructions

1 – Do everything name removed to protect the guilty asks you to do.


You will look like the below altered picture (artist impression)

You can not only see the difference but you will also feel the difference.

name removed to protect the guilty reserves the right to say you may have bigger bones than the photo.

Have a nice day!

Down again

Still fluctuating, it seems….

This morning’s figure is a new low of 14 stone, 10 pounds (206 pounds, 93.5kg[1]) :cheesy:

Of course, tomorrow, it’ll probably go up again….

[1]If you’re wondering about the figures, I go to the nearest pound and nearest kg only. The scales do go to tenths of a pound, but I really can’t be bothered with that kind of precision..

Strange day

The calendar is an odd thing. I’m sure it could be tidied up a bit better than it is now. Why is February so short? I’m sure a couple of months that have 31 days could be trimmed down to 30, which would make things a lot fairer all round. And this extra day thing, now. As we have to have it every four years, why add it at this time of year? Why not have it when the weather’s nicer? I don’t really need an extra day with all this snow around![1]

Or maybe we could just stick it inbetween a couple of months and just make it a free day. I think I’ll make a start by not going to work this February 29.[2] It’s time to make a stand!

[1] Just in case you’re in any doubt: :laugh:
[2] It is purely coincidental that it’s a Sunday, and I wouldn’t be going anyway

It’s a conspiracy!!

I’m sure there’s some plot afoot to make me spend far too much money on DVDs. It’s not so much the movies that do the damage as the old TV series box sets that keep appearing, like Jonathan Creek, Bugs[1], and now Blake’s 7! They’re trying to bankrupt me!! And more to the point, it’s going to take forever to watch them all…. :rolleyes:

[1] Wasn’t expecting to see that one…


One of the things I really like about Movable Type is that it’s very easy to customise it. Well, easy if you know what you’re doing. Even easier if you can just borrow someone else’s ideas :laugh: .

Yes, I can now add these cool smilies :cool: to my posts. Not only that, but I can just click on the one I want without having to remember what to type.

Woo hoo!

[1] Or Smiley :wink:


OK, no real exercise yesterday, and I did eat a bit more than usual[1] last night. Anyway, today’s weight is still 14 stone 13 pounds (209 pounds, 95kg[6])

[1] Some kind of reaction to the snow[2], probably
[2] Which is still here, mutter, mutter[3]
[3] And I have to go out in it :sad: [4]
[4] Must get round to adding smilies to this thing[5]
[5] Something to do while the snow’s here
[6] But you knew that

Snow, mutter, snow

I just love this indecisive weather. Last night’s snow had nearly all gone by lunchtime, and there I was expecting to walk home.


More snow. Lots more snow. So, I decided to leave the office a bit early to get the Metro to Gateshead, then a bus home. First problem: fire alarm going off at the Metro station, so I couldn’t get in. Fine….

Walked round the corner to the bus stop and started waiting. Gave up after about 25 minutes, and went back to the Metro station, which was now open. The next bit of this sorry saga[1] can only be attributed to tiredness, having had a stressful afternoon and not really paying attention. Yup. Got on the Metro going in the wrong direction. Got off at the next stop, went to the other platform and had to wait nearly 10 minutes.

Metro gets to Gateshead. Not too bad, only had to wait about 10 (more) minutes for the bus. Which took much longer than normal. Combination of heavy traffic, and a little slipping and sliding on the snow. What fun. Well over an hour to get home, compared with half an hour when I walk.

More snow expected over the weekend. Oh joy.

[1] Thought I’d try a little overstatement instead of the usual understatement.

Not trying to walk on *that*

Last night’s snow is still around, and has done the usual thing – frozen into a nasty, slippery, hard to walk on mess.

So it’s the bus this morning. And there’s more of the nasty stuff forecast.