Snow, mutter, snow

I just love this indecisive weather. Last night’s snow had nearly all gone by lunchtime, and there I was expecting to walk home.


More snow. Lots more snow. So, I decided to leave the office a bit early to get the Metro to Gateshead, then a bus home. First problem: fire alarm going off at the Metro station, so I couldn’t get in. Fine….

Walked round the corner to the bus stop and started waiting. Gave up after about 25 minutes, and went back to the Metro station, which was now open. The next bit of this sorry saga[1] can only be attributed to tiredness, having had a stressful afternoon and not really paying attention. Yup. Got on the Metro going in the wrong direction. Got off at the next stop, went to the other platform and had to wait nearly 10 minutes.

Metro gets to Gateshead. Not too bad, only had to wait about 10 (more) minutes for the bus. Which took much longer than normal. Combination of heavy traffic, and a little slipping and sliding on the snow. What fun. Well over an hour to get home, compared with half an hour when I walk.

More snow expected over the weekend. Oh joy.

[1] Thought I’d try a little overstatement instead of the usual understatement.