I’d forgotten about this…

This email was concocted by my assistant (whose name I have concealed for now). I suppose it might have been partly responsible for me starting to lose weight. Just found it again while sorting out some folders….

From: name removed to protect the guilty

Sent: 09 October 2003 15:22

To: Les Bessant

Subject: Diet Plan – Follow instructions in full (do not open if you’re going to grass on me)


1 – You look like this.

See below unaltered photo

Cure instructions

1 – Do everything name removed to protect the guilty asks you to do.


You will look like the below altered picture (artist impression)

You can not only see the difference but you will also feel the difference.

name removed to protect the guilty reserves the right to say you may have bigger bones than the photo.

Have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “I’d forgotten about this…

  1. Twisty

    So that’s where this all started. This person’s influence over your behavior is really quite astonishing. Perhaps I could have this person convince you to give me all of your money.

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