Monthly Archives: March 2004

Ooooh, progress![1]

Well, well. This morning’s weight, while slightly up on yesterday evening’s figure, was a really quite pleasing 203.2 pounds (14 stone 7.2 pounds, 92.2kg).

I’m begining to think I might just get below 200 pounds…..

[1] And I don’t mean a database

An interim weight report

I normally only post my morning weight, but this is a bit of a special one. On getting home from work, I weighed 202.8 pounds (14 stone 6.8 pounds, 92.0kg).

That’s a whisker[1] under 14½ stone, which makes it one of those psychologicackle hurdle thingies. Of course, it’ll probably go up again tomorrow, but never mind….

[1] 1 whisker = 0.2 pounds = 3.2 ounces :laugh:

And we’re down again[1]

Hmmm. Back down to 204.0 pounds (14 stone 8 pounds, 92.5kg). Wonder if I’ll stay there this time? :huh:

[1] Well, I am, anyway[2]
[2] In weight, that is[3]
[3] I’m fairly “up” otherwise[4]
[4] All this fitness stuff seems to agree with me

A few subtle modifications

Just changed how the archives are stored here. They all go into nicely organised folders rather than all piling up in one unsightly mess. Much nicer that way. :grin:

Oh yes, and the calendar on the main index page now links to all the entries for each day rather than the last entry on any given day. Makes more sense to me that way.

And I’ve given the rest of a new look and a logo to match the look of Losing it[1].[1]

[1] That’s not a footnote, remember :tongue:

More variations

And today’s enthralling figure[1] is 206.2 pounds (14 stone 10.2 pounds, 93.5kg)

[1] I know the huge[2] Losing it[1][3] audience looks forward to this
[2] Or not :rolleyes:
[3] That’s part of the title, not a link to footnote 1[4]
[4] Unless you like looping[5] footnotes
[5] Like this[4]


Well, not very.

But this morning’s figure is 204.6 pounds (14 stone 8.6 pounds, 92.8kg). A slight drop on yesterday, so let’s see where it goes from there…

Keeping on keeping on[1]

And another good evening workout :cheesy:

Not quite the complete version, but I did do the rower, the Bullworker and the bike.

And I added in some abdominal exercises on the Bullworker to make up for not using the abominable abdominal exerciser thingy.

[1] Whatever that means[2]
[2] Saw it somewhere, tohught I’d use it[3]
[3] In a desperate attempt to vary the subject lines a bit

Just for a change…

As my weight loss has slowed down a wee bit[1], or maybe even stopped altogether, I decided it was time to go for a wee bit more accuracy in the daily figures. This is, of course, utterly pointless[2], but it adds a little variety. So, from now on, I’ll be using the scale in pounds mode, which displays my weight to the nearest 0.1 of a pound. And, to make it even more interesting[3], the metric figures will no longer be rounded to the nearest 0.5kg. I do hope this won’t be too exciting for anyone.[4]

Anyway, this morning’s exciting, all new, improved figures are:

205.2 pounds (14 stone 9.2 pounds, 93.1kg)

[1] Moderate understatement :wink:
[2] Like the rest of this site :grin:
[3] For an arbitrarily dull value of “interesting”
[4] If it is, you must have a very dull life :tongue: