Daily Archives: Monday, 1st Mar 2004

Smile (again)

OK, I have now added smilies to the comments form. If you feel inclined to comment, you can now add smilies just by clicking on the one(s) of your choice. :cool:

Cymru am byth

Today is St David’s Day, national day of Wales. Just thought I’d mention that. If I could remember more Welsh, I’d say something more detailed, but I’ll just have to settle for the deep, profound statement:

Dydw i ddim yn siarad Cymraeg

Which, I think, says it all.[1]

[1] OK, I’ll be nice: it means “I do not speak Welsh”[2]
[2] Assuming I didn’t mistype anything….

Holding on….

Woo! Still at 14 stone, 10 pounds (206 pounds, 93.5kg). Not only that, but the 36″ trousers that were fitting just comfortably are now beginning to look a little loose, so my target of getting back to a 34″ waist is looking more achievable than ever. :cheesy: