Daily Archives: Thursday, 4th Mar 2004

6 Music

I love 6 Music. For those not in the know[1], it’s one of the BBC’s digital radio stations, available on DAB and via satellite and cable TV in the UK. Not only that, but you can listen online, too. Not only that, but you can catch up on shows you might have missed.

They play a range of music (old and new) that fits in well with my tastes, and they frequently introduce me to things I haven’t heard before, which is always a Good Thing. One of the best features is the Dream Ticket, presented by Janice Long[2]. Janice gets to introduce classic concerts from the BBC’s enormous archive. Just heard U2 in their early days. Wonderful stuff :cheesy:

[1] Where have you been?
[2] Brings back memories of her early 80s evening show on Radio 1…

Pyramids of Mars

Now that was nice. Latest Dr Who DVD release is one of my all time favourites from the Tom Baker era (and he was always my favourite of the Doctors), a gothic gem if there ever was one. Yes, Pyramids of Mars is now available with the usual collection of extras. I have to say that the BBC have been doing a great job with these DVDs, making a real effort to make the discs interesting to fans as well as performing restoration miracles. Good stuff.