Daily Archives: Monday, 15th Mar 2004

Coming soon…

Well, if it hadn’t been for the DDoS fun and games, I’d have been making some changes here over the weekend. I’ve been having fun at the Movable Type Plugin Directory, and getting some new ideas. I’m really impressed with some of the Very Clever Things people are doing with MT.

If I get the time, I might put them into practice this week.[1]

[1] More spurious suspense for you  :tongue:

Listening to myself

No, not the sound of my own voice. Since I started this whole weight loss and fitness thing, I’ve been gradually changing my eating habits. Now I haven’t set out with any particular plan, and I’m certainly not doing any formal diet plan[1]. But I have found myself unaccountably wanting to eat particular things.

For instance, about two months ago, I started wanting to eat pasta.[2] It seems to be agreeing with me…

Then I started on the banananananas[3], and I’ve been eating lots of those. Now I find I really want apples, too. Particularly enjoying Fuji apples (which I hadn’t noticed before), which are my kind of apple: crisp, sweet, very juicy[5], and rather large. Nice.

Now I’m wondering what I’m going to want next…..

[1] As Garfield put it, “Diet is ‘die’ with a ‘T'”
[2] And a big “hello” to anyone on the Atkins diet :grin:
[3] I can never remember when to stop spelling that[4]
[4] Joke stolen, quite shamlessly, from Terry Pratchett
[5] Eating them can be a slightly soggy experience

Time for a change

Having been doing pretty much the same exercise routine for a couple of months, I decided it was time to start varying it a bit. And since I’ve managed to lose more weight that I ever thought I would, I think I can work a little less hard than I have been.

So, the plan is to do two out of the four components of my workout[1] on each day that I exercise. Tonight I did the Bullworker[2] and the usual 10km on the bike.

Not sure if I’ll work out a formal plan, or just do what seems right at the time.

[1] That’s the abominable abdominal exerciser, the rowing machine, the Bullworker and the exercise bike
[2] But I did all the exercises, including the leg and abdominal ones that I’ve been omitting

I seeeeee…..

Had my eyes tested today. No change, which is always a Good Thing[1]. That means I get to stay with the quite nice glasses[2] I bought two years ago, and I won’t be needing varifocals just yet. But I did buy some disposable contact lenses, which I’ll be wearing from time to time.

[1] Especially at my age
[2] Titanium frames[3], photochromic lenses[4]
[3] Very light
[4] Very dark[5]
[5] When the sun shines[6]
[6] Which it does now and then, even here :wink:

Still steady

OK, these weight reports are getting boring now[1]. In the last few days, there was no real change[2]. Weight stable at 14 stone, 10 pounds (206 pounds, 93.5kg).

So, unless there is a further change, I won’t be posting daily weight updates. But I’ll probably keep up the other sensleless posts. :rolleyes:

[1] Waddaya mean, “just like the rest of the site”? :shock:
[2] A slight dip to 14 stone 9 pounds[3] on Sunday, but back up today
[3] Do the conversion yourself :tongue:

And we’re back

Well, that was fun.[1] It seems somebody had a problem with one of the other websites hosted on the same server as lcb.me.uk and Tiggercam, and launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This resulted in my sites being inacessible from Friday afternoon up to this morning. :angry:

Everything seems to be back to normal now, though. :cheesy:

[1] Not