Listening to myself

No, not the sound of my own voice. Since I started this whole weight loss and fitness thing, I’ve been gradually changing my eating habits. Now I haven’t set out with any particular plan, and I’m certainly not doing any formal diet plan[1]. But I have found myself unaccountably wanting to eat particular things.

For instance, about two months ago, I started wanting to eat pasta.[2] It seems to be agreeing with me…

Then I started on the banananananas[3], and I’ve been eating lots of those. Now I find I really want apples, too. Particularly enjoying Fuji apples (which I hadn’t noticed before), which are my kind of apple: crisp, sweet, very juicy[5], and rather large. Nice.

Now I’m wondering what I’m going to want next…..

[1] As Garfield put it, “Diet is ‘die’ with a ‘T'”
[2] And a big “hello” to anyone on the Atkins diet :grin:
[3] I can never remember when to stop spelling that[4]
[4] Joke stolen, quite shamlessly, from Terry Pratchett
[5] Eating them can be a slightly soggy experience