Daily Archives: Tuesday, 16th Mar 2004

Night off

Not doing any exercise tonight. Have to have an early night as I catching a horribly early train tomorrow. :cry:

But I get breakfast on the train! :grin:

And with any luck, I’ll get all the work done early. :smile:

Still be home late :cry:

But at least I get some reading time.:grin

Going down?

Hmmmmm. Back down to 14 stone 9 pounds (205 pounds, 93kg). I like that figure, actually. It’s a nice round[1] 30 pounds less than my starting figure. Or 12.8% if you like. I suspect I’m going to continue to oscillate[2] between today’s weight and yesterdays, but we shall see….

[1] Resulting in me being a lot less round :laugh:
[2] Nice word :smile: