Daily Archives: Tuesday, 30th Mar 2004

An interim weight report

I normally only post my morning weight, but this is a bit of a special one. On getting home from work, I weighed 202.8 pounds (14 stone 6.8 pounds, 92.0kg).

That’s a whisker[1] under 14½ stone, which makes it one of those psychologicackle hurdle thingies. Of course, it’ll probably go up again tomorrow, but never mind….

[1] 1 whisker = 0.2 pounds = 3.2 ounces :laugh:

And we’re down again[1]

Hmmm. Back down to 204.0 pounds (14 stone 8 pounds, 92.5kg). Wonder if I’ll stay there this time? :huh:

[1] Well, I am, anyway[2]
[2] In weight, that is[3]
[3] I’m fairly “up” otherwise[4]
[4] All this fitness stuff seems to agree with me