This post is ever so slightly out of date, what with my not using MT these days

Just had some fun with the really rather useful MTAmazon plugin for Movable Type. What this does is make it easy to link to items at amazon, and automagically inserts the small picture of the item and the current price.

It’s quite useful as it is, and with the instructions at Technology Stir Fry, I was able to make it link to rather than

But hold on, I thought. Maybe some readers[1] outside the UK might want to look at some of the items, and maybe even buy them. So, I twiddled a bit. Probably not the best way to do it, but I made a copy of the relevant files, and edited the copies so they refer to not Now I can happily link to both, making it easy for visitors to spend all their money. :grin:

[1] Assuming there are any :rolleyes: