The current routine

I’ve been changing the routine a bit lately. This is the typical “full” workout that I do about four times a week:

  • 20 minutes on the rowing machine
  • Full Bullworker set, now including the abs exercises in place of using the abominable abdominal exerciser, but still omitting the leg exercises, as my legs seem to be doing quite nicely with the other work they’re getting.
  • 10km on the exercise bike

And on at least one other day in the week, I’ll do a reduced workout – typically a Bullworker set.

I still walk to and from work every day, unless the weather is really nasty, or I have to catch an early train.

I’m now considering where to go for the next step. Not sure whether to step up the Bullworker stuff, or try something else – free[1] weights seems likely. Going to the gym still seems quite unlikely.

[1] Though oddly, you have to pay for them :huh: