Daily Archives: Thursday, 15th Apr 2004

That was the river…

This is the sea.

Yes, my favourite Waterboys album has had the remastering and extra track treatment. Woo and indeed hoo.

I remember the first time I heard The Whole of the Moon. It would have been late 1985, or maybe early 1986, a Sunday evening round at my friend Peter’s flat[1]. Radio 1 was on the stereo and the Top 40 show had just ended. Seven o’clock meant it was time for the wonderful Anne Nightingale show. The first thing on was The Whole of the Moon. It was one of those glorious moments where a song makes you say “What the hell’s that?!?”[2]. I’d liked some earlier Waterboys stuff, but didn’t recognise the style at that point. From then on, I was hooked. It’s one of those songs that starts powerfully and builds. And builds.[3] Utterly bonkers, quite wonderful.

The rest of the album is rather nice, too.

It now comes with a second CD with a load of previously unreleased material. Haven’t heard that yet[4], so I can’t tell you about it yet. Doesn’t really matter – the original album is quite wonderful as it is.

[1] Haven’t seen him in a looooooong time….
[2] In a good way, you understand
[3] I used to say that Mike Scott didn’t know the meaning of “restraint”, and that I was in favour of hiding his dictionary to make sure he never found out :grin:
[4] My copy is on the way :cheesy:

And down a bit..

Ever so slightly down again this morning at 204.4 pounds (14 stone 8.4 pounds, 92.7kg).

I think I’m going to be oscillating wildly[1] for a while.

[1] Wasn’t that a Smiths track?