Must have been a 24-hour flu thing

Most odd. By about 5pm today, I was feeling a lot better. All the aches and pains have gone, and my appetite has returned. Had some nice sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice, and a couple of glasses of wine.[1]

Looks like I’ll be fine for work tomorrow, which is not a Bad Thing

[1] The really lovely Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon

22 thoughts on “Must have been a 24-hour flu thing

  1. sho

    Scientists say that there is no such thing as the 24 hour flu, but ive had all the symptoms of a flu, and its only lasted 24hrs, nearly precisely…explain that one to me then ? huh ?? !!!!!

  2. Les

    Ooh, that’s an easy one. The scientists in question were lying weasels. :shock:

    Either that, or these nasty things that knock you flat for 24 hours[1] aren’t flu, but some other kind of virus thingy. Something like that, anyway.

  3. Les Post author

    The symptoms of food poisoning are nothing like what I was referring to…

    Perhaps this is one of those linguistic differences between the UK and the US, but I’ve never known anyone refer to food poisoning as “24 hour flu”. The former tends to be rather messy, the latter is more likely to involve general weakness and inability to actually move all that much.

  4. Jae

    my daughter had a headache, watery eyes and sore throat. but yet the next day it was like nothing happened and she was feeling fine :huh:

  5. tiffany

    this flu my brother has is that he is throwing up and he is sick now while im typing he is sleeping he got it today :duh: so while i was on a diffrent website he was laying down :crying i was trying to find out what he has which is 24 hour fluand that is why it is good to have the internet and look up what u or your family has

  6. Brie

    :rolleyes: um as a matter a fact there is a 24 hour flu because yesterday around 3pm i was vomiting and sick as a dog and felt weeker than ever but today around three pm i felt just as good as new…explain that one to me!!!

  7. Lollie

    I woke up yestersday with the worst sore throat known to man thought I had strep…went from one side then to the next witiing 5 hours I had a fever and it lasted all night…then I got the sweats my heart was racing all night and then it went stomach has been alittle off but not vomiting..had some diarehha yesterday but didn’t thik anything of it…wierd…24 hour thing in florida.

  8. SHA

    Sorry, just wanted to see all those smileys together.
    My co-worker had some 24 hour thing on a 70 degree day here in NJ.
    Swore to me that she was REALLY SICK :???:
    Sore throat and a 100.8 fever :???: :???: :crazy:

    Just hope she doesn’t give me anything It’s Friday !!!!

  9. aches and chills

    yesterday at 6pm I suddenly came dowm with severe body aches, chills ,upset stomach and a killer headache. today 24 hrs later, I still have some symptoms but not as severe. I think there is a 24 hr bug going around in cali.

  10. kris

    uh yeah! this is a 24 hour flu cause i just got over it, so i don’t know where some people think that there’s not, then what would you call body aches, sweats fever, chills, headache like you have been hit over the head with a bat………is it the? “24 hour it’s all in your head virus”

  11. M Leech

    hahaha funny i found this thread…literally this tim yesterday i was flat out on the sofa nearly unable to move with a head that felt it was about to split, legs that ached so bad, a horrible cough, a raging temp and felt generally pretty weak…yet now i feel as if i could run the marathon…(i couldnt at all but you get what i mean) tis strange…except now i have like 15 ulcers on my tongue :duh:

  12. Rd 2 Recovery

    I went through the same feelings as the recent postings – yesterday I had body aches, upset stomach, chills (where even going outside in 95+ temp felt nice), slight headache and slept all day. Then late last night started feeling better and today mild headache and able to keep down food and its like a nightmare I went through yesterday. And I am not the only one to have come down with it, seems others have had it last week and it was only for a day. I am in Southern California.

  13. beth

    Yesterday morning I woke up with neck and back pains,headache and sore throat. By afternoon I felt dehydrated, very weak and naucious. By dinner I had the chills, vomiting and fever. 90+ degrees outside, freezing even after covered up with no appetite. I experienced sweating last night with ached and weakness. This morning I feel a little better but still have the aches. I should be able to return to work tomorrow.

  14. gale

    oh my gosh, my 2 year old son has had this twice, hubby once. i just got over it last week. went to work wednesday was fine until noon, vomiting, fever, achy, nausea couldnt hold down water until about 1 am. then the fever was 102.2. i stayed home on thursday to rest, felt better but achy and sore from vomiting. went to work on friday.
    just in time for hubby to start with symptoms today!!!

    we are in central florida.
    wish all well

  15. gary


    Same thing here.

    Suddenly got crazy insane body aches. Legs were aching like hell. I was barely able to stand.

    Was extremely cold, had to wear clothing to bed. Sweater included.

    Couldn’t sleep at all. Night-time cold medicine seemed to help, as I was able to finally fall asleep.

    24 hours later, most of the symptoms disappeared– amazingly.

    I had no vomiting, no nausea, no diarrhea. Just insane leg ache.


  16. Nate the great

    yesterday i was sent home from work with A fever of 100.8 it all started with a back ache early in the day thought nothin of it, by 6:00pm i felt horrible i was freezing, weak, my whole body ached, sore throat, and like a constant headache no matter how much tylenol i took, i went home bout 8:30pm showered then took bout 30 showers through out the night with the cold i kept feeling next morning felt a little better i vommitted only once and by now almost all symtoms are gone so i think there must be a suck thing ass the 24 hour flu to hell with these scientist!!!!! they think they got everything figured out and they know it all

  17. Josh

    It is sooo bad when 2 people get this at the same time… i’m STILL trying to figure out what we have… i was ABSOLUTELY FINE this morning, then my room mate came home sick, puked, upset stomach diarrhea, then I started to feel crappy, by the afternoon were both on the couch, stomachs unstable as hell, achey legs, and chills… trying to sleep now but i can’t even get to sleep… i hope this clears up by tomorrow…

  18. denise

    We’re in Temecula Ca. Tonight (thats why i am still up) my adult daughter said she thought she might die. Insane body aches, couldnt move from bed ,then fever 102.8,which we feverously worked to get down and succeded. Whats a bit different is, she described the feeling of water in her head mostly. S he said when she moved she could acually feel the water swish around.Hope it is a 24 hour thing with no insurance you get really frightened on how to help your loved ones. For those against national health care imagine that being you.

  19. cc

    Seriously, I think it is more than just a food born Bacterial infection. Last June I went to a graduation party for amy sister in law and about 8pm the next day I got sick. The weird thing was I felt 100% fine then within 10 min I got dizzy and sick to my stomach. I vomitted 10 or so times then came the back door trots. Went through this cycle about every two hours. Yet, on a trip to the bathroom noticed my Brother had started the same cycle, as well as my son, my wifes brother, a grandmother and my mother. My first thought was food poisening. But after speaking with everyone, we had not eaten any of the same things or refreshments, which led me to beleive that it was human to human contact or airborn. Regardless, we all cured up after the 24 hr ordeal. That was around the first weerk of June. Almost exactly 6 months to today and guess what, its back. Last night my Brother was going through the same cycle, as is my daughter. Same exact symptoms. Yet we all had the same food. It is not food poisening, I have had that before, and although they are similar, food poisening is a little different. When I had food poisening, I vomitted to no end and went to sleep. When I woke up I felt fine and was hungry. This comes out the front and the back, has back pain involved almost like Pneumonia and good luck sleeping. I was up about every 2 hours even when nothing was coming out, I still went through the motions. After 24 hrs, I could only take in a little water or soup base. I would rather have food poisening out of the 2.
    I would say that this is more of a designer flu bug with food poisening qualities but more than likely is an airborn strain/Human to Human bug.

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