“The one with the maggots”

Yes, it’s another Doctor Who DVD. The latest release is The Green Death, with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Katy Manning making her last appearance as Jo Grant.

The story (first broadcast in 1973) involves the unfortunate consequences of dumping chemical wastes down a disused mineshaft[1], principally some just about indestructible maggots of unusually large size[2], and some nasty toxic stuff. Oh yes, and a delightfully potty megalomaniac computer. Those are always good fun.

Extra features include the usual “production subtitles”, which provide information about locations, actors, special effects and general backgound; a very silly spoof documentary looking back at the events of 1973 and assorted interviews.

The BBC have been doing a really good job on the Doctor Who DVDs – excellent restoration and remastering work, and always enough extras to tempt the fans.

[1] It also invloves some very dodgy stereotypical Welshness (look you, isn’t it, boyo, etc) which makes me cringe a bit, but I’m prepared to let it go.
[2] That’s more of that understatement thing that I like to do

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