A moving experience

For reasons that probably made sense to somebody at some point, just about everyone[1] on my floor of the office is moving to a new location. Initially, the person who was organising it[2] seemed to think that this delightful game of musical chairs could be done one afternoon in working hours. I pointed out that this would involve lots of people not having phones, computers or desks for several hours at the least, so that it would really have to be a weekend job.

And so it was arranged. Specially trained large people were booked to actually move the desks, while the IT Department[3] would deal with moving computers and phones[4].

After assorted dithering and delay[5], the move was finally set for this weekend. While the department who started arranging the whole damn thing are away on something called a “team-building weekend”[6]. So, the IT Department[3] are in charge.

As the “team builders” were making an early start on their weekend, we made a start on disconnecting computers this morning. The rest had to wait until the majority of the staff went home at 5:15. Most people had done what they were asked, and already had their desks cleared, which made things a little easier. But it still took us until about 7pm to get all the computers and phones out of the way (having to carefully record what had been plugged in where, and labelling the computers stretched it out a bit…)

Still, carrying computers was some nice exercise[7].

Tomorrow, Aaron is going in early to meet the furniture movers and cabling guys[9], and get things started. I’ll be joining him later.

Oh what fun. Not.

[1] I’m one of two people who aren’t moving at all
[2] Or rather, her boss :angry:
[3] That’s Aaron, my assistant and err, me.
[4] Not to mention the delicate task of making sure that everything gets plugged back together correctly, so that people will still have the same phone numbers after the move :???:
[5] So, no change there, then
[6] Not sure what that is, but I suspect it may involve alcohol
[7] We divided the job: Aaron did all the crawling under desks and fighting with cables[8] and I did the moving of equipment
[8] One of the best reasons for having an assistant :grin:
[9] You know how it is. No matter how thoroughly you cable the place, they always find a new place to put people