Office Move: Day 1

As arranged, I joined Aaron at the office at around 10:45. He’d been there since 8:00 with the guys who were moving the desks. Cabling guys were also there, and we had some fun moving around each other.

The first problem was that the *cough* carefully prepared plans didn’t take account of the fact that the desks are not all identical[1], so rather more moving was required to match up all the desks than was expected. So Aaron and I helped a bit with that, meaning that we didn’t get all that much computer connecting done in the morning.

I made a start on getting computers on desks, connecting up keyboards, mice, displays and so on.

A brief pause for lunch[2]. The most convenient place to go was Subway, just across the road. Being hungry IT people, we both had footlong chicken teriyaki subs on rather nice honey oat bread with lots of salad. And extra jalapenos, of course :grin.

We got down to serious connecting stuff in the afternoon, starting with the more awkward ones with longer cable runs. While Aaron was doing that, I was sorting out power connections in other areas.

We called it a day a little before 6pm. No point trying to patch cables when you’re tired, as all the numbers start to look the same…..

Walked home[4]. I stopped at a local shop and bought some Guinness. It was a warm day. I was hot. The Guinness was cold. We were ideally matched :smile:

Quiet evening, early night.

Stay tuned for part two of this exciting story…..

[1] There’s left hand desks and right hand desks, which are intended to fit together quite nicely. In fact, when we moved into the building, the desks were ordered to fit the layout we had at the time….
[2] Interrupted by the mild comedy of getting our boss into the building. He came in to move his stuff from his old room to his new one. Unfortunately, the caretaker had absent mindedly locked the car park gate on his way out after desk moving duties. As this was the only route into the building, he had a problem. Even more unfortuantely, he didn’t have my mobile phone number with him, so had to go home and call me from there. After some more comedy as we tried to find the key for the padlock, we agreed to unlock the front door instead[3]. Boss then returned.
[3] Not a problem, as a swipe card is needed to get through the inner door
[4] As usual for both of us, but we don’t normally leave at the same time