Office Move: Day 2

Once again, joined Aaron at about 10:45. He’d been in since about 9:00, and had made good progress. We sorted out a few more desks, then I went out to buy some phone extension cords and patch leads from the local Maplin. Got what we needed, then set back to work.

Brief pause for lunch (same as yesterday), then on with the job. I moved chairs and drawer units back under desks[1].

Everything was done and tested as best we could[3] by 4pm.

I sent an email to all the affected staff telling them what we’d done, and telling them who to complain to about matters not relating to computers and phones.

Just waiting for Monday and the complaints to begin :rolleyes:

It all went well, really. Would have been a nightmare without Aaron (I’d have had to bring in outside contractors for loads of money instead…).

[1] The right ones where possible[2], best guesses otherwise
[2] Not everyone labelled these items…
[3] Laptops not on docking stations, etc…

One thought on “Office Move: Day 2

  1. Les

    Well, not too many problems. Some people decided they had to swap places[1], but everything worked.

    [1] Despite having agreed everything on Friday :rolleyes:

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