Definitely a downswing

Well, it seems I might just have moved on from another weight plateau[1]. This morning’s weight, while not quite as low as yesterday evening’s figure, was still down at 200.4 pounds (14 stone 4.4 pounds, 90.9kg). That’s equal to the low figure on 9 April, but this time it seems to be part of a more general trend rather than an odd glitch.

And another extra weight report: this evening’s “home from work” weight was another new low of 198.6 pounds (14 stone 2.6 pounds, 90.1kg). :grin:

[1] After the initial rapid weight loss, I’ve found it tends to come in bursts now. I’ll be more or less stable for a while, then I’ll get another period of weight loss. General trend is still downward :smile: