Ooooooh, yes!

Looks like this downswing is a good one :grin:

This morning’s weight is (wait for it, wait for it[1]):

199.4 pounds (14 stone 3.4 pounds, 90.4kg)

While I’ve never had an ultimate weight target[2] as such, getting below 200 pounds has been a step along the way that I’ve been looking forward to passing. Some time ago (I think it was when I got to 210 pounds), someone[4] asked me if I was going to get below 200 pounds. At the time, I didn’t think it would happen, but here I am…

So, my next interim targets are:

  1. Get below 90kg – should be achievable, it’s just one pound away
  2. Get below 14 stone – that will take a little longer, but I think I’ll get there

And from there, who knows……

[1] I did think of saying “weight for it”. Aren’t you glad I didn’t?
[2] I don’t work well with actual targets[3]
[3] And don’t even think about deadlines :rolleyes:
[4] I think it was AJ[5]
[5] Hi AJ!

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