I do like it when that happens

Well, despite having to go back to work today after a looooooong weekend, things weren’t so bad.

Two people, quite separately and inependently, remarked on how much thinner I look :smile: . One of them hadn’t seen me for a few months and seemed to be quite impressed with my progress.

The other sees me nearly every day at work, but only noticed the difference when she saw me standing next to a distinctly non-slim management type.  :smile:

The word “skinny” has even been used   :dizzy: . Now, I don’t think I’m actually skinny, and I still have some bits of flab to reduce, but it is nice when people notice the difference.

I certainly notice it – the walk to work in the morning, which started out as a moderate effort[1] is now very easy. I even have a spring in my step…

[1] Slight breathlessness on the uphill bit[2]
[2] Which is now “what hill?” once again :grin: