Just as I hoped

Yes, it’s the debut Album The Lost Riots from Hope of the States.

They’re one of the more interesting new British bands, so I was looking forward to hearing this. The album was completed before the suicide of guitarist Jimmi Lawrence, and the band have dedicated the album to his family.

The album opens with an instrumental track, The Black Amnesias, which sets the mood for what follows.

Next up is Enemies/Friends, a previous single. It’s a passionate, hope-filled song:

Come on people
Keep your friends close
Your enemies won’t matter in the end

More Good Things follow, including most recent single The Red The White The Black The Blue, which would seem to be an anti-war, anti-corporate greed song:

Months of dust and ruptured windpipe
fairytales for lying cheats
They’re lashing out like wolves in barbed wire
Ring the bells and start the fires now.
The red white and the blue
has always been what led you
If you don’t do something
They’ll steal it all from under you
You beat us black and blue
We’re coming back to find you

I need to listen to this one a lot more times. There’s a lot to grasp, lyrically and musically. Sam Herlihy’s vocals (credited as “Cracked/troubled/joyous/hopeful Voices” on the liner notes) make the kind of Good Sound that keeps bringing me back….

Give it a listen – you can hear some samples on the band’s website, which is an interesting place in itself. Some nicely odd stuff :grin