Another new look (again)

Well, that’s finished yet another redesign of the site. The ever-so-slightly naff logo has gone[1], the sidebar has jumped from the left to the right, and we have new date headings. Having done that on Sunday, I spent Monday evening fiddling with the rest of, and getting it to match the new look of Losing it[1]. I even recreated the galleries, which involved much tweakage of my custom Thumbs Plus templates. Not 100% sure of those yet, as some of them don’t look quite right. More tweakage tomorrow.[2]

But for now, I’m once again moderately happy with the look of the site. And I’ve even felt more like posting more than I have in the last week or so.

[1] It was supreme evidence of my total lack of graphical skills :smile:
[2] Or today, to be pedantic[3]
[3] People sometimes accuse me of being pedantic[4]
[4] I generally reply with “Now what exactly do you mean by that?” :tongue: