Don’t you just love it…

Oh what fun. Added some new disks to one of our main servers today, as we’d been running desperately low on space. My plan was to move the Exchange databases[1] onto the new space, which would free up plenty of space for documents, and allow the mail system to grow. Microsoft helpfully provide a tool for doing just that, which normally just does it without any fuss.

So, at 5:30, I set it away to do its thing. Mail services are automatically stopped and files are supposed to be moved[3]. I wait. And wait.

At 6:15, I decide to go home and let it get on with it, as I can easily manage anything that comes up from home….

Get home. At about 7:00, I check and find that the automatic process seems to have died. Stop it, make a manual settings change and try to start the mail system. I declines to start, giving an error message which indicates that the database it’s trying to use is damaged. Lovely.

So, I copy the 32GB file from one drive to another. Do my full exercise routine while this goes on. It takes bloody ages. All the time, the nice little progress bar keeps suggesting that it’s going to take another two minutes. Those would be some alternative universe minutes, then….

Eventually, the file is copied. Start up the services. No nasty messages. Log on to my email. No problems there :smile: .

Making sure the system is happy, I remove the old file. Woo hoo! Free space on my server! :grin:

Took nearly four hours from starting the process. I’m so glad I can manage things from home….

[1] Note for people who don’t get involved with that kind of thing: Microsoft Exchange is the office email system. Everyone’s email, calendar, contacts and so on live in a large[2] database file
[2] That’ll be one of those underatatement thingies. This thing was about 32GB in size
[3] Well, actually, it copies, makes sure the copy is OK, then deletes[4]
[4] Somewhat safer that way

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