Monthly Archives: July 2004

It’s another downswing

This morning’s weight is a new low of 198.0 pounds (14 stone 2 pounds, 89.8kg). Only a wee bit[1] less than the last low, but every little helps :grin:

Just need to lose another few pounds to get below the psychologicackle 14 stone level[2]. A wee bit more than that, and I’ll have lost a really quite noticeable 3 stone (42[4] pounds, 19kg)

[1] 0.2 pounds, or just over 3 ounces!
[2] And I was impressed enough when I got below the 15 stone level, back in February[3]
[3] I’d give you a link to the entry, but it was before I started the weblog :tongue:
[4] Which is of course, the answer[5]
[5] Not to mention my age next birthday[6]
[6] Hmm, how’s that for a target[7]? “42 by 42”
[7] Not that I generally do targets

And I’m back

Back from London. Fun and games moving stuff. Some nice meals (and one not so good one). Nice meal on the train home (just as well, as the damn thing ended up getting into Newcastle two hours late, mutter).

So, a quick evening weight figure for today: 200.0 pounds (14 stone 4 pounds, 90.7kg).

I blame the drink!

Well, having enjoyed a wee drinkie and a bite to eat last night, I wasn’t too surprised to see my weight was 201.2 pounds (14 stone 5.2 pounds, 91.3kg) this morning.

By early evening it was something around 199.6, though.

Not sure if I’ll manage to log my weight tomorrow, then I’m away for a few days. Let’s see what *that* does to me…..

Still heading downwards

Well, well. Down some more today. This morning’s figure is 199.0 pounds (14 stone 3 pounds, 90.3kg).

Should be going out for a wee drinkie[1] and a snack[2] tonight, so that will probably be higher tomorrow…

[1] Ever so slight understatement
[2] That’s another understatement thingy

Creeping downward

Another small drop to 200.4 pounds (14 stone 4.4 pounds, 90.9kg) today. Planning to do some more of that exercise stuff tonight, and I was a pound lighter than that when I got home from work this evening, so maybe there will be a further fall tomorrow.