That’s better

Well, what with trips to London, recovering form trips to London, nights out (and recovering from…), and taking a total rest while having a few days off work, I hadn’t done any exercise other than walking[1] for over a week.

Today, I mildly surprised myself by actually running a wee bit at lunchtime. And I didn’t get out of breath, break into a horrible sweat or feel like my heart was trying to escape from my chest. Who’d a thunk it? I must really be getting fitter. Fitter than I’ve ever been in my life, if truth be told…

Having inspired myself with the short run, I decided to do some proper exercise this evening. I did the usual 20 minutes on the rower – in two ten minute sets rather than the five minutes at a time I used to do. Hard work, but it felt good :grin. Followed that with a quick Bullworker set and three sets of each of the dumbell exercises.

No exercise bike, as I’ve had enough of duck[2] taping the pedal strap back on. I’ve ordered a new one, which should be here soon. This one has magnetic resistance, so it should be a bit quieter, and has some of that fancy programming stuff you find on serious gym machines. Looking forward to getting it :smile:

[1] Which I ned to remind myself does count!
[2] Not to be confused with duct tape. This stuff is Duck Tape