It’s a funny thing, this “working out” business. Sometimes I just blast through it all, my heart rate hardly rises and I barely reaise a sweat. Other times it’s seriously hard work, my heart’s trying to do an impression of the Alien thingy popping out of John Hurt and I’m steaming up windows three streets away.

Then there are the times when it’s just too hard to do and I stop. I thought I was having one of those tonight. The first couple of minutes on the rower were really hard, and for a moment I thought I was going to give up. But for reasons that are not altogether clear, I pressed on. Twenty minutes rowing: done. Then the now usual thirty of each exercise on the abominable abdominal exerciser. Then the Bullworker set. As I was doing that, I was telling myself that would be quite enough for tonight, thanks, and that I’d skip the dumbbell stuff.[1]. But once again for reasons that are obscure, I did the weights stuff anyway.

All most odd. I think some bits of my brain have better ideas about how to do this stuff than the bits I think that I’m thinking with. I think. :grin:

And my new exercise bike should be delivered tomorrow, so I should have some fun with that……

[1] That’s “skip” as in “omit” rather than any funny stuff with ropes, you understand