New exercise bike[1]

Well, I took today off so I could wait for my new exercise bike[4] to be delivered. Of course, if I’d just told the boss that I’d start late, and come in as soon as I could, it wouldn’t have arrived until 5pm, but as I’d taken the day off, it came just after 10am.[2]

Got it unpacked, assembled it according to the instructions. Hmmm. Problem. When the computer screen thingy bit was connected, it was supposed to calibrate the magnetic wossnames and make some noise while doing it. Did it? Did it heck as like![3]

Tested it. Sure enough, the magnetic wossnames were most definitely not calibrated. More to the point, it refused to change the resistance level from the setting it had defaulted to, namely “ouch, you git, move dammit”, or “high” as the manual would have it.

Double checked everything. Plugs connected. No bits left over. Emailed Reebok’s UK support address, and got a nice response. Bascially, they’re going to send out an engineer to fix it. While it will probably be a week or so before this can be arranged (time off work, etc), it’s still less hassle than having to send it back and get it replaced, so I’m not too disappointed. Will be nice when it works. It will be better to have a bike I can use for more than two minutes without my legs giving up in disgust.

On the other hand, the fact that I could make the damn thing move at all at that resistance without my knees screaming at me is a good sign. :smile:

[1] Nearly
[2] Murphy’s law of deliveries
[3] Note to furriners: this is a traditional northern English expression meaning “no, it did not quite perform as expected”
[4] Ignore the list price, by the way – see those nice Powerhouse people for rather more competitive pricing

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