It’s another downswing

This morning’s weight is a new low of 198.0 pounds (14 stone 2 pounds, 89.8kg). Only a wee bit[1] less than the last low, but every little helps :grin:

Just need to lose another few pounds to get below the psychologicackle 14 stone level[2]. A wee bit more than that, and I’ll have lost a really quite noticeable 3 stone (42[4] pounds, 19kg)

[1] 0.2 pounds, or just over 3 ounces!
[2] And I was impressed enough when I got below the 15 stone level, back in February[3]
[3] I’d give you a link to the entry, but it was before I started the weblog :tongue:
[4] Which is of course, the answer[5]
[5] Not to mention my age next birthday[6]
[6] Hmm, how’s that for a target[7]? “42 by 42”
[7] Not that I generally do targets