London trip report….

I love relocating offices. Well, I don’t, really, but it does keep me busy. Had a trip planned for Tuesday to Thursday. Had to bring it forward to Monday, as there were some more problems….

So, on Monday, I caught a slightly less early train than normal[1]. Still had breakfast on board, though. Got to office, sorted out some issues, checked a few things. Left for my hotel[2]. Oooh, nice. Big room, big bed with lots of big soft pillows and wireless internet access. Relaxed for a bit, then went out for something to eat. Returned to hotel, read a bit, went to bed. Slept well.

Tuesday: nice breakfast, lots of coffee. Checked out, back to office. Got a temporary ADSL line working so we could connect to the outside world, fiddled with various other issues, including those caused by the changes I had to make to get said temporary link to work :rolleyes: . Left office just in time to walk to my hotel through the biggest thunderstorm I’ve seen in years. BIG flashes[3], LOUD bangs. The serious rain held off until I got to the hotel, though. Dinner was at the Pizza Express right next to the hotel. Hot sticky night.

Wednesday. Dealing with more odd computer issues, persuading things to work, slapping servers until they behaved. Quick visit from BT – checking out the permanent data connection earlier than expected. They tell me it will be done on Thursday, which is handy as I’ll be there! Escape from office, head back to hotel. Meet a friend[4] for a wee drinkie and dinner in the vicinity of Canary Wharf, all very nice. Head back to hotel for even hotter and stickier night.

Thursday. Check out of hotel, back to office. More wrestling with servers. BT install line. Pop out for a sarnie and a cable[5]. Hook up kit. It works!!! Reconfigure all the things I’d reconfigured on Tuesday. Sort out a few more bits and pieces. Head for home. Nice coffee in the lounge at Kings Cross, then dinner on the train.[6] Get home.

Friday: back to what passes for normal

And guess where I’m going on Tuesday?

[1] 9:30 rather than 6:30 :smile:
[2] Due to late change of plans, a different hotel from the one booked for Tuesday and Wednesday
[3] Any closer and I’m sure I’d have lost an eyebrow or two
[4] Hi Martin!
[5] Somehow, in the move, the cable needed to connect the firewall to the router had gone walkies….
[6] If you have to travel, Executive packages from GNER are a Good Thing :grin