Daily Archives: Saturday, 28th Aug 2004


Well, not only have I just caught up on all the posts I should have been making this week, but I’ve also been testing some different weblog software.

Losing it[1][1] has been runing on Movable Type since I started it earlier this year. I’ve had a lot of fun learning the package, tweaking it, editing templates, and so on. I’ve been testing the new version 3 on another site[2]. Now to get the best out of version 3, and the soon to be released 3.1, I’d have to rethink some elements of the site, and probably redo a few things. I’d been pondering that when a message I read somewhere or other led me over to WordPress, an open source project based on PHP and MySQL. I’d looked at it briefly some time ago, but hadn’t actually tried to do anything with it. This time, for some reason or other[3], I decided to give it a try. Installed it on my test site, imported all the entries from here[4] and started to play.

Well, just a day later, I’m impressed. The posting interface is easier to use than MT, I’ve found an Amazon plugin that does suitably clever stuff, and because it’s all dynamically created by PHP I don’t have to wait for the site to rebuild every time I change something.

So, decision made. Losing it[1] is going to move to WordPress. The change will happen over the next few days[5]. Regular readers probably won’t notice much difference in how the site looks, but I’ll be happier with its workings.

[1] The footnote reference after the name isn’t a reference to a footnote in this post
[2] Not giving a link to it, as it’s up and down a lot, depending on what I’m testing
[3] Hangovers make my brain do unexpected things
[4] Interestingly, the import worked perfectly the first time. When importing entries into Movable Type 3.x, this was less reliable…
[5] Bank Holiday weekend – just the time for redoing the website :grin

Eating out….

…is really nice, but I think I’ve done it a bit too much this week.

Tuesday: had a big lunch in London with a colleague, including some wine, and had a couple of drinks and a light meal in the evening.

Wednesday: dinner on the train, and a half-bottle of wine

Thursday: Chinese meal, wine[1], drinks[2], got home after 1am :rolleyes:

Friday: drinks after work, pizza, etc

No wonder my weight is up this week……

[1] Is it a good or bad thing when the waiter knows what wine I’m going to order?
[2] Understatement