Daily Archives: Thursday, 2nd Sep 2004

Visitors – day 2

On Wednesday, Michèle and Martin continued their visit. In the morning, they had a look at some of the sights of Gateshead and Newcastle[1], before coming to the office to meet me for lunch. We had a beer and a bite at the always excellent Old George, then I sent them off to see Tynemouth Priory.

After work, we met for a drink, and were then joined by my assistant Aaron[2] and his friend Stephen.

Smile again

Stephen had another engagement, but Aaron joined us for a meal at the Shangri-La Chinese restaurant, with a couple of bottles of wine. Michèle and Martin then came back home with me, where we managed another bottle of wine.

They’re now moving on to Scotland, and I’ve left them to sort themselves out. It was fun having them around, and made quite a change for me.

[1] Yes, we do have some :laugh:
[2] Time you updated your site, Aaron :tongue:

I expected that

Having had more drinkies and another nice meal[1] last night, I’m not at all surprised that today’s weight is 201.2 pounds (14 stone 5.2 pounds, 91.3kg).

Ah well, back to normal routine now, so let’s see if that goes down over the next few days…..

[1] Then some more drinkies :cheesy