That seems to have worked

Well, it’s taken a bit longer than I expected[1], but Losing it[1][2] has now been converted from Movable Type to WordPress. Most of the work involved changing the CSS in WordPress to match my site design, then making a few small changes to the main template and the comments form. All quite painless, and less effort than the original work in Movable Type.

Importing the old entries was perfectly straightforward, and I only had to make a few manual edits to fix some minor problems. I’ve also been able to reinstate the images and links from[3]. Now all I have to do is type up all the posts I meant to make last week, and we’re done.

I’ll be making some changes to other parts of to reflect the fact that the weblog is now the front page.

[1] Most of the delay, as usual, being down to tuit syndrome
[2] Insert standard note about that note not being a note
[3] But not currently