More changes

Well, I’ve been fiddling around a bit[1], and I’ve moved the photo galleries into new weblog posts, which I’ve backdated to the days when the photos were taken. The Galleries page now links to the relevant posts and the old gallery pages have been removed.

This change will make it several thousand times easier for me to create new galleries in the future, so providing I can remember to take my camera with me, I should be doing a lot more of them from now on.

Things still to do:

  1. Move the Sounds pages into new weblog posts
  2. Set up a clever error page that will direct people who have linked to old pages to either the page they were after or the home page if it can’t work out where they wanted to be
  3. Make the “About” page into a special weblog post

[1] Jokes on the traditional postcard to someone else, please