In Space….

…no one can hear you scream[1]

Just watched the Director’s Cut version of Alien on a rented DVD from Blockbuster[2]. Wow. It’s years since I’ve seen it, and the last time was probably on a 14″ portable TV. Seeing it in widescreen with surround sound was great fun. Still a seriously good movie with a serious Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww factor. Not bad for a 25 year old movie.[6]

I really should go to bed now. It’s a bit late….

[1] As the original posters had it. Of course, the Nostromo was guilty of making noises in space, so obviously nobody thought of that while making the movie. And of course, if you were screaming in space in such a way that no one could hear you, you would presumably be exposed to vacuum and therefore would not scream for very long at all.[3]
[2] I’m currently enjoying a month’s free trial of their unlimited rental scheme.[4] Seems to work quite well.[5] I’ll almost certainly carry on with if after the trial.
[3] Yes, I’m a geek. I think about that kind of thing.
[4] Similar to Netflix, which has been running in the US for quite some time
[5] Sent a couple of DVDs back on Monday, got some more on Thursday, which is pretty good.
[6] That makes me feel really old….