Trying to get back into it…

My exercise programme has been suffering lately. Checking over the spreadsheet where I record what I do, I can see that it’s been more off than on for the last couple of months, which is just not good enough. I shall have to give myself a slap.[1]

So, the time has come to set myself a target. It needs to be a reasonable and achievable one, otherwise I’ll just get discouraged and end up not doing it even more[2].

So this is the target: do the full exercise programme at least three times every week. That allows for rest days, nights out, trips to London[3], and the odd day when I either can’t be bothered or spend more time than planned twiddling on the computer.

As a reminder, the current programme is this:

  • 20 minutes (2 x 10 minute sessions) on the rowing machine
  • 120 crunches (30 of each of four exercises) on the abominable abdominal exerciser
  • Two sets of Bullworker exercises (concentrating on arms, chest, shoulders)
  • Three sets of five different dumbbell exercises
  • 10km on the exercise bike – and trying to do that in less time

This is in addition to walking to and from work whenever possible (which, now the rain seems to have stopped[5], is most days), of course.

[1] Owwww!!!!! :cry:
[2] I may have to have that sentence taken out and shot :wink:
[3] Though nights out in the same week as a trip to London might mess it up[4]
[4] Not to mention wearing me out :???:
[5] The soaking wet August was very frustrating. Had to keep getting the bus :angry:

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