Infamy, infamy[1]

Is it a sign that I have acheived some measure of significance or at least presence that I appear to have acquired a web stalker? David’s Little Bloggy seems to have a bizarre obsession with me. It’s a good job he’s on the far left side of Canada, so there’s a big watery thing and lots of land between us, otherwise I’d be worried. And his description of me is so inaccurate!

[1] They’ve all got it in for me[2]
[2] Yes, it’s an old one[3]
[3] Shut up!

4 thoughts on “Infamy, infamy[1]

  1. David

    LOL! You little bitch! That’s it, I think I’ll start a Twisty Travels to Britain fund. I may just come along for the ride. :grin

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