Daily Archives: Friday, 17th Sep 2004

I could get used to four day weeks

For the second week running, I’m taking Friday off. Last week, I stayed in and spent most of the time tweaking this here website, but this week, I’m actually going to leave the house! The plan is to have something[1] done with my hair[2], do a bit of wandering and possibly shopping at the MetroCentre before heading home for a snack, and a change of clothes for my night out.

But just in case you’re thinking I’ve suffered a lapse in my geekiness quotient, fear not. In between all that, I am working on a new look for the site. And in the interests of openness and thingyness, you can see the work in progress on a test page[5]. It’s likely to change a lot, may disappear from time to time, and at times will look like a complete mess, but it’s an opportunity for you[3] to see my development process.[4]

[1] As yet unspecified. Watch out for more reports :neutral:
[2] Currently longer than it’s been in err, well, umm, quite a few years
[3] All of you :rolleyes:
[4] Well, my website development process. I’m about as developed as I’m likely to get :grin:
[5] Test page has been removed. And now the link has, too. :cool: