Running down…

One more post before the batteries die in the Tosh. I’ve been installing software and posting from the little beastie for quite some time now, and the little icon tells me I have less than 20 minutes left. It’s done quite well, really. It’s been running for about three hours now, and that included some fairly heavy file copying and downloading over the wireless connection. And I’d used it on battery quite a bit at work on Monday, too – and that included using a PC card wireless connection[1], so it looks like the total battery life might not be too far off the claimed six hours. Certainly six hours of more normal application use and moderate web and email work seems feasible.

Have I mentioned what a nice machine this is? :grin:

[1] New 3G data card from Orange, which actually works with the VPN, which makes it potentially very useful. At least one of our senior people wants one. I’ve told him he’ll have to wait until I’ve tested it some more, though :smile: