Thirteen Senses

Got this on the strength of the recent single Into the Fire, a vaguely Keane-like piano-led song. I was pleased to find that the rest of the CD is rather good too. Given the prominent use of piano and a lead vocal style of the “sensitive male” variety, comparisions with Keane are inevitable[1], but there’s a bit more edge here. And unlike Keane, these guys appear to play the odd guitar or two.

After Into the Fire, previous single Thru the Glass is next. This is Good Stuff indeed, with the repeated lines


You got us into this
So get us out of this

and an almost hypnotic rhythm.

Twelve tracks, all worth at least a listen.

[1] And given Keane’s success, record companies are presumably trying to sign (or create) as many Keaneish bands as they can…