A slight change

Well, here it is. The new-look Losing it[1]. Persuaded it to look nearly right in Internet Explorer[1]. The colours and some other details may change. Or they might stay just like this. I might spend the time posting instead of tweaking :cheesy:

[1] Not identical to its appearance in FireFox, but the difference isn’t enough to worry me at this point.

3 thoughts on “A slight change

  1. Les

    And we’re (nearly) done. Pages now changed to fit in with the new layout. In fact, most of the odd pages are now weblog posts rather than actual pages, so tehy won’t have a problem with any future layout changes. The only odd ones are the Lescam and the custom error page, which have been redone to match the standard look of the site. The error page won’t be available until I can log into the Openhosting control panel thingy, which seems to be down for maintenance at the moment….

  2. Les Post author

    Of course, if you’re reading this now, the design has changed again. And some of the pages that were turned into weblog posts have turned back into pages, only they’re special static pages managed by WordPress, which is quite nice. :grin

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