Ghost Light

Yes, it’s another Doctor Who DVD :smile:

This one features Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, with Sophie Aldred as Ace, one of the best ever companions. It was first shown in 1989, as part of the last series before the BBC cancelled the show. It was a shame that they did it then, as the creators were adding new levels of depth and mystery to the character of the Doctor, and were also making Ace into a more rounded, developed character than most of her predecessors.[1]

This story opens with the Tardis materialising in a Victorian house which turns out to have some unusual features. Quite apart from the cultured Neanderthal butler, there’s something nasty in the basement and a connection with Ace’s past (or future[2]). At the time, stories were limited to three episodes rather than the four (or even six) of previous years, which caused soem problems with this compex and densely-written story. It takes a lot of concentration to follow what’s going on at times – but that’s not really a bad thing. As ever, it’s a lot of fun, and McCoy had really got into the role at this point – contrary to my expectations, he became one of the best Doctors.

There’s the usual selection of extra features – the ever-fascinating production text commentary, some deleted scenes, a “making of” documentary, and more. Once again, the soundtrack can be enjoyed in a new 5.1 mix as well as the original.

All in all, another exemplary DVD. If only all archive material could get this kind of treatment….

[1] There was a deliberate policy of not making Ace into another “screamer”, which was definitely a Good Thing
[2] Time travel can get so confusing :rolleyes: