Starting again

Well, after a few weeks of not doing a lot on the exercise front, I’ve finally managed to make a bit more effort. I haven’t got back into the full workout, but instead did two 10km sessions on the exercise bike. Using one of the programmes makes this a bit more challenging, as the resistance gradually increases to the maximum then drops to the minimum and begins to build again. For this distance at my speed, this means that the last half kilometre is really hard work.

To make things a bit more interesting, I’m using my new Polar S625X heart rate monitor, a mind-bogglingly sophisticated watch/computer which will (as time goes on) enable me to analyse my progress in getting fitter. And if I can get it together to start running (which I am seriously considering), the supplied shoe pod will allow it to record distance and speed as well as my heart rate. Like most of the cleverer heart rate monitors, this little beastie can upload its data to a PC for analysis (and can have various settings transferred from the PC to the watch). All very nice and very clever. Where this particular model stands out is its ability to also transfer data to my Nokia 5140 mobile phone. This is quite nifty, as it lets me see a graph of my heart rate for an exercise session – this will come in useful when I get back into the full routine.,

This is a sign of severe geekiness, of course. :grin