More reasons to like Firefox

Just got round to upgrading to the Preview Release of Firefox. Even in much earlier versions (I started uisng it at around v0.6), Firefox (or Firebird as it was still known at the time) was an excellent web browser. Much better at rendering standard (X)HTML and CSS than Internet (spit) Explorer[1] and nicely behaved. Features like tabbed browsing soon made it my default web browser.

Well, it’s now getting very close to being a “final” product ready for realease to the masses who don’t like reinstalling and configuring new versions. And there are some new little features that really make it a more pleasant piece of software to use.

For instance, when you visit a secure (https://) site, rather than just display the little padlock in the background, Firefox turns the background of the address bar yellow. Much, much easier to see.

Firefox security

Another nice feature is the new method for finding text on a page. In place of the old dialog box that inevitably hovered just over the text you were trying to see, Firefox now has this nice little bar at the bottom of the page. Start typing, and Firefox immediately goes looking for matching text, and highlights the first instance it finds. Nice little “Find next” and “Find previous” buttons, and an option to highlight every instance of the word on the page. I like that.

Firefox search

[1] IE6 wasn’t all that bad in its day. But that was about three years ago, and three years in web terms is about a century in normal time.