Daily Archives: Sunday, 17th Oct 2004


There should probably be a law against this. Walkers have brought out a range of peanuts in crispy coatings. There are several flavours, including the dangerously addictive “Mild Chilli Spice” variety, made with paprika, onion, garlic and chilli. Mmmmmmm. Peanuts can be addictive enough on their own, but these are deadly. They come in a resealable tin, so they should keep for several days, but once they’re open, they aren’t going to last long….

Chocoholic? Me?

OK, I admit it. I’m very partial to the odd bit of chocolate[1]. Before I started eating more sensibly and generally taking better care of myself, I used to eat the stuff by the truckload[2]. These days, I eat a lot less of it, but I still appreciate it.

So, when I saw a brochure advertising the Chocolate Tasting Club, my interest was aroused. They were offering an introductory selection of seriously good chocolates for £9.95. Now that’s a lot of money for a fairly small (less than a pound) box of chocoaltes, but these looked like an interesting selection of very high quality chocolates indeed. So, I filled in the form on the website, and within a few days the box arrived[4].

I’ve now tried at least one of each of the varities in the box – there are fifteen different chocolates in this selection, and they’re all of excellent quality. Only one isn’t really to my taste (it has a heavy dose of Amaretto, an almond liqueur that I’m not really keen on), but the rest range from “good” through “very good” to “it’s a good job I haven’t got a big box of this one, cos I’d eat the lot”.

The ongoing deal is this: every month (or less often if I choose[6]), they’ll send me another selection of chocolates of similar quality. The price is more than the introductory offer, but based on this package, it’s worth it.

I’ll also have the chance to buy other selections, and I’ll get a discount on chocolates from the club’s parent company. Seems like a good deal to me.

I’m working on the theory that if I’m going to eat less chocolate, I might as well have the seriously good stuff, and this is a good way of trying a selection of seriously good chocolates that I wouldn’t normally get close to.

[1] That’s another one of those understatement things I come up with now and then
[2] Possible exaggeration[3]
[3] But not by much :laugh:
[4] Well packed in an outer box designed to fit through the letter box, which is a Good Thing[5]
[5] Not that I’d object to a trip to the sorting office for good chocolate :grin:
[6] Not very likely :smile: